Fundada em 1947 pelo empresário alemão Gerhard Hertz, a Kley Hertz é hoje uma das principais indústrias Consumer Health do mercado nacional.

Com presença relevante nas principais categorias de OTC (Medicamentos Isentos de Prescrição), Vitaminas, Nutrição e Produtos Dermatológicos.

Seu amplo portfólio com mais de 250 produtos e marcas líderes de mercado que fazem parte do dia a dia de milhões de pessoas; entre elas: Resfenol; Helioderm; Hepatilon; Proctosan; Ritmoneuran; Supravit; Rapilax e muitas outras.

A moderna unidade fabril localizada em Porto Alegre e os 4 centros de distribuição estrategicamente localizados, são responsáveis pela produção e distribuição de mais de 40milhões de unidades ao ano em mais de 70 mil farmácias em todo o Brasil.

O olhar atento as necessidades dos consumidores aliado ao crescente investimento em P&D (Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento) garantem a modernização e ampliação do portfólio de produtos.

A Kley Hertz segue olhando para o futuro com otimismo, orientada pelo Propósito de ajudar as pessoas a levarem uma vida com mais saúde e bem-estar.


Our mission is to contribute to people's quality of life, offering reliable products for health and well-being.


Our values reflect everything that is important and guide all of our decisions.


We value people who are proactive, committed to results and who contribute to a good work environment.


We believe in long-term relationships and work to exceed our customers' expectations.


We are an ethical company in our relations with employees, suppliers, consumers, the community and the environment.


We work to continuously improve our products and processes, with simplicity, agility and a focus on reducing costs and expenses.


We think and act as business owners and seek new ideas with the objective of transforming them into effective solutions.


We see profit as a means of growth and continuity of the company.


Social and Environmental Responsibility

Commitment to the Community and the Environment.

We believe that the practice of social and environmental responsibility is characterized by a permanent commitment to the company's sustainable relations, both with its collaborators, customers, suppliers, the environment and with the community where we operate, which is why our performance is permeated by initiatives that have positively impact society and the environment.

Social Responsibility Certificate

Kley Hertz has the Social Responsibility Certificate, granted by the Legislative Assembly of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, in the Large Companies category. 

This achievement reflects the company's investment in social projects and initiatives, in the quality of the relationship with collaborators, in the possibilities of professional and personal development, in the interaction with the community and in the relationship with the environment.

Supported Projects

Centro Cultural Santa Casa [Cultural Center] is a project that transformed the Institution's historic buildings into a space of history, culture and leisure. The complex has a movie theater, library, museum, cafeteria and convention center.

Projeto Pescar [Fish Project] - Socio-professional training program developed by Fundação Projeto Pescar in partnership with its collaborative network, for low-income young people to access the world of work.

We invest annually in training young people who are part of the Santa Terezinha unit, in the 4th district of Porto Alegre, in the region surrounding our headquarters.

Programa Jovem Aprendiz [Young Apprentice Program] - An apprenticeship program from Serviço Nacional de Aprendizagem Industrial [Brazilian industrial apprenticeship service]that offers theoretical training to young people between 18 and 24 years of age seeking training and the opportunity for their first job.

Assistance campaigns - Our collaborators are encouraged to participate in the collection of toys, clothes and books that are donated to Escola Infantil Marista Menino Jesus [children´s school] and Paróquia Santa Teresinha [parish], both in Porto Alegre, and Instituto Simões Lopes Neto, in Pelotas.

 We also support assistance activities through the donation of products, drugs and financial resources to needy entities such as SPAAN,Sociedade Porto- Alegrense de Auxílio aos Necessitado [assistance for the needy], Casa do Excepcional Santa Rita de Cássia [House of the exceptional], and the Asilo Padre Cacique [old folk´s home] from Porto Alegre.

We participate annually in community social events such as the Winter Clothes Campaign and Christmas without Hunger.

Environmental responsibility

Preserving the environment is also one of our concerns, which is why,
since 2016, we have used 100% renewable energy in our industrial park, which resulted in receiving the Renewable Energy Certificate, approved by International Bodies such as IPCC - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and GHG - Protocol Corporate Standard of the Gas Protocol Initiative..

New Business

Expansion of the portfolio ensuring quality of life for consumers.

Our work aims to ensure an increasingly better quality of life for our consumers with the increasing entry of products into our portfolio, thus strengthening the development of our network of national and international partners through various business modalities.

We work to overcome the growing quality standard demanded by the market through constant exchanges of knowledge and technology with our Research & Development team.

We are always looking for good opportunities. Please contact us by clicking here.